Raw Humates (Leonardite slow release Humic Acid)

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We're stoked to be able to offer real, RAW Humates as a solo amendment. 

This powerhouse amendment took millions of years to develop, and offers long lasting benefits to the garden. 

In contrast to Humate extractions (which ARE useful) Raw humates offer the benefit of supplying bulk carbon to the soil, and a source of slow release Humic Acid (and Fulvic Acid) that will continue to release for extended periods of time. 

Humic Acid or Humate extractions generally are soluble and so while they may offer some immediate benefits, you need to apply them regularly to benefit most from them. Raw Humates are insoluble, and so they offer a "locked-in" source; there is also no contradiction in using Soluble Humic acid in conjunction with Humate enriched soil.

This is an amendment you don't need to apply very often or in large amounts; if anything, its high Carbon level means too much of it can tie up Nitrogen. 

We recommend adding 1ml per Litre of soil blend, or 0.5ml to 1ml mixed into your top dressings as a starting point. At this level its doubtful to tie up N at any appreciable amount, if you experiment with higher levels, use of an amendment that contains Nitrogen is recommended to be added alongside it.