GRO-DIRT™ Revival Bundle

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Size: Mega Mix
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Introducing the GRO-DIRT Revival Bundle, your ultimate solution for soil transformation and plant vitality. This collection is crafted for garden enthusiasts looking to rehabilitate depleted soil or start afresh with a robust foundation.

Choose from our two tailored bundles:

  • The Mini Mix: Perfect for small-scale enhancements, it includes 1L of our HERB-SUPERB balance mix, 1L of STONE-AGE mineral blend, 1L of HIGH-PowR humic compost, and a 10g packet of DARK-MATTER mycorrhizal network starter, suitable for amending 40L to 80L of soil.
  • The Mega Mix: Ideal for comprehensive soil overhaul, this bundle features 3L of HERB-SUPERB, 3L of STONE-AGE minerals, 3L of HIGH-PowR compost, and a 60g tin of DARK-MATTER, enriching 120L to 240L of soil.

With the GRO-DIRT Revival Bundle, thriving plants and revitalized soil are within reach. Select your bundle and witness the transformation.