CROP-DUSTER™ Electrostatic Mist Generator

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Introducing the CROP-DUSTER, your easy, effective, and fun solution for foliar application of boosters, fertilizers, and IPM sprays.

This revolutionary electrostatic mist generator goes beyond a simple battery-operated sprayer, transforming your sprays into ultra-fine micro droplets and electrically charging them with static. These micro droplets have a remarkable ability to cling to surfaces, providing comprehensive coverage and effective treatment.

Benefits & Key Usage

  • Enhanced Coverage
  • Uniform Application
  • Efficiency
  • Less Waste


  • USBC rechargeable Lithium ION battery with long battery life (includes charge cable).
  • Sturdy construction for durability and reliability.
  • Multiple mist generation settings, allowing you to adjust the mist to your specific needs.
  • Built-in sterilization UVC lights for room clean-down, which can be turned off while still using the spray function.
  • Comes with an included HPO Dialect user manual for ease of use.
  • Generous 450ml bottle capacity to accommodate your spraying requirements.

The CROP-DUSTER is not just a sprayer; it's a game-changer that elevates the way you apply your gardening solutions. With its ability to create ultra-fine, electrically charged micro droplets, this mist generator ensures that your plants receive the care they deserve in a highly efficient and effective manner. Say goodbye to inefficient and wasteful spraying methods and welcome a new era of precision and productivity with the CROP-DUSTER.