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Unleash Your Plants Potential With the Purest, Most Diverse & Powerful Soil in Australia

Discover GRO-DIRT, an exquisite line of organic living super soils. Each carefully crafted variant in this collection, including FULL SPECTRUM, LITE, GUERRILLA, SUPER STARTER, and ISLAND-BLEND, is tailored to enhance various stages of plant cultivation. GRO-DIRT is meticulously developed in small batches, ensuring the highest quality and effectiveness for your plants. Embrace the essence of organic gardening with GRO-DIRT, where every batch brings a promise of unparalleled growth and vitality.

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"What comes from our dirt, will never hurt." - High Powered Organics


Support Your Plants Health With Premium Organic Microbial Inoculants

The GRO-BIOTICS range, features premium organic inoculants enriched with mycorrhizae and fungi. Designed for growers and farms, these products enhance plant-soil microbe symbiosis, boosting nutrient uptake and root growth. Ideal for various cultivation settings, GRO-BIOTICS promotes soil health and robust plant development, optimizing the soil ecosystem and nurturing vibrant plant life.

Unearthing the Magic: How GRO-DIRT Blends the Best of Living and Super Soils

Unearthing the Magic: How GRO-DIRT Blends the Best of Living and Super Soils

Dive into the world of GRO-DIRT, where the best of living and super soils merge. This blog post explores how GRO-DIRT simplifies gardening by only needing water, eliminating prep time, and enrichin...


Boost Your Plants Growth With Rich & Powerful Organic Fertilisers

Step into the future of organic cultivation with our POWR-BOOSTERS range. This premium collection of organic fertilizers is expertly crafted to cater to various plant growth stages, ensuring rapid growth and resilience from vegetative phases to blooming. Each formulation is a blend of bioavailable minerals, fish amino acids, and crustacean derivatives, providing balanced nutrition with superior bioavailability. Designed to activate systemic acquired resistance in plants, these fertilizers enhance stress resilience and overall health.

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