SUPER-SCOOP™ Digital Additive Portioner

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The H.P.O SUPER-SCOOP is now here!

Providing an innovative solution to the task of accurately portioning out your GRO-BIOTIC and POWR-BOOST additives for maximal dosage precision, the SUPER-SCOOP is a multifunctional edition to the Official GRO-TOOLS arsenal.

This handy scoop with an accurate, lithium battery rechargeable scale built IN, means you’ll never again have to get your…..private product scales dirty measuring out your plant supplements.


  • Removable gradient scoop end (30ml total capacity, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 25ml indications)
  • Lithium battery rechargeable, with long battery life between chargings
  • Included charging cable
  • Weighs from 0.5g to 500g - accurate to 0.1g
  • Bonus drawstring Hemp Scoop Stash sack which doubles as a brew bag!
  • Included compostable user guide 

 Seriously are you going to use your “private” scales for your additives? Or steal your significant others kitchen scales? Do you really need another fight? You owe it to yourself, them and your garden to get yourself one of these, they even clip on your belt if you want, how many scales have beltability? None we’ve seen, except this one.



So listen, don’t be dming us saying you can get scoops like this at kitchen shops, we tried a few brands and these one particular scoops we put through outright torture tests to prove them functional enough to be an official GRO-TOOL, these also come in a goddamn printed Hemp bag and with a manual that you can actually read. We’re also heaps cooler than that kitchen shop, support us instead so we can bring you more rad stuff.