REPLICANT™ Organic Cloning Compound

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Are you a replicant?”

REPLICANT organic cloning compound utilises a potent blend of herbal plant extractions, microbial metabolites, natural carbohydrates, minerals & stress relieving compounds paired with some of our most aggressive root stimulating fungi species and pest prevention species for healthy, organic clones without synthetic fungicides, pesticides and hormones.


REPLICANT organic cloning compound stacks the odds of success in your favour with the following unique blend.



  • Funki-Fungi Consortium:

T. longibrachiatum, koningii, harziarnum & viride, B. Bassiana.

👆These guys are intended to inoculate your chosen cloning media, and guard the freshly cut stem while it goes through the callousing phase.


  • Tap-Rootz Blend:

Naturoots Salicic combo pack: 200:1 Aloe concentrate (high salicylic), Salix alba extract (high salicordin).

👆This blend focuses on packing potent forms of natural Salicylic compounds which have shown demonstrable utility in aiding root establishment.

Both the Aloe, and Willow compounds are naturally extracted and highly concentrated bringing much greater potency than just Aloe gel or Willow water can provide.


  • On-Gard anti pathogen pack: Chamomile extract, Cinnamon bark extract, Manuka honey extract.

👆This package combines super potent botanical extracts that have natural Anti-fungal and anti pathogen potential, helping safeguard the stem in the early, most vulnerable phase of cloning against damping off and bad microbes.


  • Stress-Less pack: Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12. Diatomaceous earth.

👆Cloning is a stressful situation for the plant, you are essentially forcing a mere piece to hang out and develop its own roots! To help your clones stress less, a suite of B Vitamins help to reduce stressors that downgrade plant vigor, helping keep their spirits high while they get ready to stand on their own legs.


How to use it:

  • Just like any cloning powder you may have used before, you can simply dip your clones stem into the REPLICANT powder and plant, it does adhere to stems quite well as is. Some growers in the test phase liked to put some in a small container, add a small amount of water and turn it into a paste, if you are going the paste method only mix up what you need as it will not store long term.
  • In addition, you can use REPLICANT as a propagation media soak, further inoculating the media itself can add extra safeguards to the process. To utilise REPLICANT in this way, simply mix 1g per Litre of water and thoroughly soak your media. You can also use this mix throughout cloning especially on cultivars which are slow to start. We have tested this formula in everything from our GRO-DIRT super starter, to Jiffy peat pots, Rockwool cubes and Oasis type media plugs with great success.
  • As an addition,  REPLICANT has shown some utility as a seed dusting to help aid germination rates and safeguard emergent plants against pathogens and pests. To utilise it in this way simply clean your seeds as normal, rinse, and then either dust it over them like you would powdered sugar over a pastry….or you can wait till the seeds dry a bit and then put them in a sandwich bag with it and shake it around, the objective is to simply get a light dusting on the outer seed coat before planting.