WAKE 'N' SHAKE™ Additive Combiner

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WAKE’n’SHAKE mk2.70s

The H.P.O WAKE’n’SHAKE additive combiner and portioner is back! In new colours, with a new future-retro-classic design and in a complimentary HEMP carry bag that doubles as a compost tea brew bag!!!!

Do you love our dry powder formulations but would like a more convenient way to pre-mix them before adding to your tank or watering can? 

Have you ever thought "damn! if only there was a handy all in one tool that had measuring cups, storage & mixing all built in"

Are your plants so powerful from running our range that they need their protein quick and fast to keep those budceps pumped and the #gainz coming?

Then the WAKE 'n' SHAKE additive combiner was made just for you!

With the following stellar features built in:

  • Cyclone-spring additive agitator - forces powders through into the liquid quickly and uniformly. (Designed to not be abrasive to shaker walls like floating spring ball shakers)
  • 1 x 250ml (1cup) portioner
  • 1 x 125ml (1/2 cup) portioner
  • 1 x Split 3 way 50ml storage/portioner
  • 500ml liquid capacity with bump gradients.
  • Wide mouth pourer lid 
  • BPA free - food grade
  • Dishwashable
  • Bonus drawstring, Hemp, Shaker stash sack, which can be used for compost tea brewing
  • Included compostable user guide for shakestructions


Ok ok ok don’t give us that look......so it's a repurposed protein shaker that you could also use for your protein powder.......while simultaneously looking boss as f#*k with the cool logo on the side. But this one you got from us - and it comes in a hemp bag, which makes it infinitely cooler and seriously, this makes any soluble powders so much easier to use. Stop stealing your significant others shaker to mix up your powders and causing relationship tension, you don’t need that, you need a purposeful cool as heck shaker like this one. You deserve a break today, treat yourself.