Malted Corn

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Size: 500g
Type: Ground
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You've may have used Malted Barley............. well there are other Malted grains out there and we've been experimenting with them. 

Corn Meal is often sold as a fertiliser, the issue with it, is that it can stunt seedlings, acting as a natural germination inhibitor. Some people are also known to sprout their own Corn in Sprouted Seed Teas to extract the useful enzymes, auxins and cytokines within. 

Malted Corn is an interesting amendment, the Malting completely elimates the germination inhibition factor from the use of Corn, and maximises those Enzymes and natural plant phytohormones making them more immediately available, in an ingredient that you can simply top dress with, add top your soil or teas.

You can use it much like Malted Barley, it doesn't have quite as much enzymatic power though so we do recommend using it alongside Malted Barley, the two compliment each other well. 

Effects noted from its use has been greater branch spread and plant width. It seemingly promotes a lot of branching in Veg and stacking in Bloom.