Soft Rock Phosphate

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Soft Rock Phosphate is one of the best ways to ensure your soil always has the Phosphorous reserves needed for vigorous, healthy and robust plants. 

This Soft Rock Phosphate is one of two types we utilise here at H.P.O in our soil mixes, and is also a nice compliment to High P/Si guano when used in lesser amounts. 

Soft Rock Phosphate provides two key elements in slow release, more microbe friendly forms than conventional fast release P fertilisers, it will provide your plants with 8 to 9% Phosphorous, and around 19% Calcium, both crucial for well functioning gardens, good root growth and strong plant establishment, as well as heavy flower production. 

Dosing should be based on soil test analysis results ideally, but if "winging" it, we recommend using a less is more approach, because this mineral will act as a slow release resource for quite some time, its easier to add less up front and either top dress, or add more on the next run. 

If using alongside Guano or other P sources, reduce application amount even more, it seems to work better when applied in regular smaller doses rather than big ones up front.