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Soil: GRO-DIRT Full Spectrum
Litres: 20L
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Jump right into organic gardening greatness with our powerful Starter Plant Pack, meticulously curated to provide everything you need for thriving plants from seedling to harvest. Choose your foundation with either 20L or 40L of our premium GRO-DIRT, available in three potent blends:

  • GRO-DIRT Full Spectrum
  • GRO-DIRT Lite
  • GRO-DIRT Guerrilla

The Starter Plant Pack Bundle also includes:

  • 1x 1L HERB-SUPERB Balance
  • 1x 1L STONE-AGE
  • 1x 60g GREEN-SUPREME
  • 1x 60g DARK MATTER

Whether you're a seasoned grower or a budding green thumb, this Starter Plant Pack provides the perfect launchpad for a thriving organic garden. Choose your soil size, unleash the power of our natural formulas, and watch your plants flourish!