For treating pests such as Scarid fly larvae (Fungus Gnats). Apply ALFA-MULCH to the soil surface dry and leave for 24 hours before watering in. This allows time for the pests to be coated in the Diatomite and dessicated, subsequently killing them.

ALFA-MULCH is perfect for covering the soil after applying top dressings, such as our STONE-AGE HERB-SUPERB range.

Often after application, white growth can be seen growing through the mulch. This is totally normal, natural and beneficial. Its a sign that the soil microbes are active, and rapidly multiplying as they consume some of the organic portion of ALFA-MULCH.

For best results, apply a 2.5cm to 5cm layer of ALFA-MULCH to the soil surface.

1L covers 16cm x 16cm of soil. 10L covers 160cm x 160cm of soil.