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One of the rarer offerings here at H.P.O but utilised in both our Water Only blends (GRO-DIRT full spectrum and GUERRILLA GRO-DIRT), as well as our STONE-AGE mineral composite CROP-DRESSING. 

Wollastonite, or Calcium Silicate provides two key minerals in one handy amendment, Calcium and Silica. 

Plants need good amounts of both Calcium and Silica (Silicon) throughout the growing season to form thick, resilient leaves, and strong stems. Choosing to buffer your soil by utilising Wollastonite as either part, or all of your Liming ingredient adjusts PH, and provides both Calcium and Silica at the same time. 

We've found utilising this mineral results in plants that not only are more pest, disease and even drought resistant, but that yield more and have a higher quality too. 

We like to use this ingredient alongside our Oyster Lime & Gypsum to form overlapping Calcium sources and as a way to get more plant available Silica into the soil. 

To determine how much to use, a PH test, at minimum should be performed, to see how much it needs adjusting by. About 90% of the neutralising capability to Limestone or Oyster Lime, about 10 to 20% more Wollastonite should be used vs an equal amount of Lime. 

Start with around a tablespoon per 40L of soil, mix thoroughly and retest, adding a small amount more each time until at your required PH level.