WORM CARTEL Pure Premium Worm Castings 10L

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These casts are some epic sh#t! For years now these have been our worm cast of choice for building all our soils here at H.P.O.

If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the raw awesome we use, now is your chance.

These castings are produced in a uniquely controlled way, through a proprietary process that yields only the best, consistent results.

So what makes them a premium choice? 

  • Controlled input materials. To get a consistent result, you need consistent inputs, all WORM CARTEL worm farms follow the same process and feed the same, standardised inputs.
  • Premium feedstocks. Many worm farms are fed with a collection of random materials gathered from here and there, this is awesome as it means diverting waste, but often results in less than high end feed stocks being used. The farms supplying Worm Cartel use materials  of virgin origin, they come from fields and farms not supermarket or table waste. Whether this is “better” is certainly open to debate - it does allow a greater level of control over the process though.
  • A lengthy breakdown process. Now here is where it gets super interesting, the castings are produced with the aid of lactobacillus produced on a local dairy farm, once the castings are matured this is only the start of the process. Softwood materials are then introduced to the castings where it is allowed to interact with this for many months before being screened, where it is again fed microbial feed stock, and allowed to sit post screening for the microbes to catch back up again. This results in not only the yeasts and other beneficial microbes present in “screen to sale” castings, but introduces highly beneficial fungi which are capable of breaking down more dense materials. In effect a more diverse casting breakdown than standard. (This is is exactly why we use these in our GRO-DIRT range!).
  • Controlled conditions. Many worm farms are subject to the elements, part of what makes WORM CARTEL castings more costly to produce is a special temp controlled batching procedure for the initial breakdown, and post screening phases. These castings live in what amounts to “Worm Mansion”. They never get too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry. Goldilocks castings didn’t have the same ring, but they are surely garden gold!

Sold in unique 10L boxes which were custom built to overcome many of the issues with selling castings. 

  • Rather than non breathable buckets, all WORM CARTEL packaging breathes! The handle and boxes allow the castings to respire which is very important for microbes in storage.
  • 99% compostable design, utilising a custom box, compostable Australian made liner (AS standard home compostable), the boxes are individually screen printed by hand with Soy based Ink. The handle is also recyclable.
  • Rigid box design prevents crushing of the castings, unique inner liner offers cushioning in transport.

These are just the bees knees for rejuvenating your soil, adding to top dressings, building a soil from scratch or for the most incredible microbial brews.

WORM CARTEL the best of the underground.