Have you ever heard the saying "A rising tide floats all boats?" AQUA-MARINE is a potent combination formula that is sure to float your gardens boat in more ways than one! Straight from the lost city of AtPlantis....This powerful dry powder formulation is based on 100% Marine derived ingredients.

How Does It Work?

AQUA-MARINE boosts soil nutrient uptake, while at the same time provides immediately available - yet soil friendly N.P.K sources, in forms that are exceedingly bioavailable. Perfect for smaller soil container volumes, or intensively fed gardens. It fills in gaps in plant nutrition, and when used with our companion product OCEAN-POTION, forms a complete, macro and micronutrient package capable of sustaining growth by itself!

Dry amendments can take days to weeks to become available to your garden, the sources in AQUA-MARINE act immediately, meaning if you have a plant that needs a quick hit? it can get it within hours, and the best part, It can be utilized alongside your favorite topdressings that are more "slow burn", simultaneously making them more bioavailable!

You can use AQUA-MARINE from early Veg until late Bloom, with two distinct formulations offered, tailored to the different growth cycles.

What's In It?

  • These are similar to the type we employ in our DARK-MATTER complete rhizosphere myco-cosm formula. Derived from enzymatically digested fish, the Amino Acid portion has undergone significant hydrolysis beyond the Whole Fish Hydrolysate phase, being broken down to the raw amino acids that make up simple protein chains. Dissolving easily and cleanly, these have a pronounced "OMG THATS FISHHHY" aroma. Chosen for its excellent, immediately acting Nitrogen content, growth factors and ability to chelate nutrients.

  • Enzymatically digested Crustacean provides a complementary NPK profile to the Fish Amino Acids. These structurally diverse bioactive peptides have a unique immunomodulatory response on the plant, while contributing bioavailable sources of Calcium in a naturally converted, mostly Acetate form.

  • These are an interesting substance derived from a specific enzymatic reaction performed on fish skeletal remains and scales. The process yields a unique biopeptide matrix which "piggy backs" a natural form of phosphorous onto an amino acid chain, enabling it to easily and seamlessly be absorbed by the plant. This unique form is highly bioavailable and doesn't need to be present in large amounts to have good effect.

  • Formed over millions of years, these naturally occurring minerals are extracted and milled to a fine consistency, easily soluble in water. These forms are absorbed by the plant directly, contributing useful Potassium and providing Biostimulant substances that improve flavor, quality, branch integrity and enhance the action of the other ingredients.

This is more than a simple 1+1=2 formulation, each ingredient has a compounding effect on the next, creating a synergy greater than the sum of any individual parts. The epic response on your garden that AQUA-MARINE produces has to be seen to be believed.


      Maintenance Dose (Low Tide): 1 Scoop / 4.5g per 10L
      More Power Dose
      (High Tide): 2 Scoops / 9g per 10L

      • For more frequent feeding (multiple weekly dosages) and routine top ups, we recommend using the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE. This will aid in nutrient uptake while providing a steady, and immediately absorbable trickle of nutrition.  For growers using smaller containers this is a game changer, allowing for much larger plants to be grown, in much smaller pots - organically!
      • The MORE POWER DOSAGE can be employed for those times where you don't want flippers - you want to strap an outboard motor to it! For plants you are really trying to "push", or those that have suffered nutrient deficiencies we recommend this dosage. Apply 2 to 4 times a week (as dictated by your watering cycle) until improvement is shown, then you can back down to the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE.


      • Simultaneous use with ANTI-MATTER has shown considerable additive benefits.
      • AQUA-MARINE is able to be seamlessly stacked for even greater efficacy with RHIZO-MOJO for added solubilization and availability.
      • Concurrent use with HERB-SUPERB Organic Plant Superfood & STONE-AGE Mineral Composite, especially in GRO-DIRT Lite or ISLAND-BLEND, has demonstrated a large amount of synergy resulting in supercharged plants!
      • for stressed plants, applying simultaneously with GREEN-SUPREME Plant Vitality Tonic will add complementary benefits and hasten plant turnaround.

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