About Us

Our Story: Rooted in Passion, Grown with Purpose

Nestled within the heart of New South Wales' Mid North Coast, a region affectionately dubbed the "Green Triangle," High Powered Organics began as a dream seeded in the fertile grounds of horticultural passion and expertise. It’s a tale not just of a company, but of a journey, an evolving vision dedicated to the art and science of growth—both of plants and of ourselves.

The Early Sprouts: A Vision Takes Root

In the early days, our founders, armed with over eighty years of combined experience in the horticultural realm, envisioned a future where the cultivation of medicinal plants could be simplified without sacrificing quality or yield. They brought together a rich tapestry of skills—from expert nursery management and commercial flower cultivation to pioneering hydroponic farming techniques. High Powered Organics was more than a name; it was a promise of excellence and innovation.

A Fusion of Traditions: Branching Out

Our methodology is akin to a carefully tended garden, blending the wisdom of traditional techniques with the precision of modern scientific research. This philosophy guides our commitment to evolving our product range, ensuring each innovation is deeply rooted in timeless practices while reaching for the future. Our goal is as simple as it is profound: to offer solutions that are effective, sustainable, and seamlessly integrate the old with the new.

Cultivating Excellence: The Growth of Quality

At the core of High Powered Organics lies an unwavering dedication to quality. From the meticulous sourcing of ingredients to fostering relationships with boutique producers, our journey is defined by choosing excellence over the ordinary. This path ensures our products not only stand out but also embody our ethos of integrity and excellence at every step. It’s a testament to our belief that true quality extends beyond the product—it’s about the entire process.

Treading Lightly: Our Path to Sustainability

Our commitment to the earth is as deep as our roots. Embracing eco-friendly practices, from renewable energy to compostable packaging, we strive to minimize our ecological footprint. This dedication reflects in every aspect of our operations, ensuring that our love for the planet is evident not just in what we produce but in how we bring our products to you.

The Blossoming: Products Crafted for You

Every product we offer is a culmination of collaborative expertise and extensive field testing, designed to meet the diverse needs of growers. We pride ourselves on crafting solutions that are easy to use, highly effective, and deliver exceptional results. It's a collaborative effort that spans continents and industries, all to ensure that our products exceed your expectations, no matter the growing environment.

Green Thumbs Together: Advocating for Organic Growth

Our philosophy champions the cause of organic gardening, advocating for a shift from synthetic chemicals to natural, soil-health-focused practices. This approach doesn’t just nurture plants; it nurtures a healthier planet. By designing our soils for reuse, we contribute to reducing waste, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly gardening practice.

Rooted in Community: Supporting Local and Australian Made

As a proud Australian brand, our roots in local sourcing run deep. By prioritizing Australian suppliers, we not only support our community but also contribute to the local economy. This commitment underlines our identity as a family-owned, authentically Australian business, dedicated to crafting products with care and craftsmanship.

Our Promise: Craftsmanship and Care

Each batch of our product is a testament to our dedication—a labor of love, hand-mixed, bagged, and packed with the utmost care. As a family-run business, this hands-on approach allows us to infuse every product with the passion and quality that define High Powered Organics. It’s not just about what we make; it’s about making a difference, one garden at a time.

Welcome to High Powered Organics, where our story is ever-growing, rooted in the belief that the best growth comes from blending the wisdom of the past with the innovations of the future. Join us in our journey, and let’s cultivate a greener world together.