Mixing New Soils:

For an optimal mineral base in new soil mixes, use STONE-AGE at a maximum of 3.5% of the soil's volume.

  • Example: For 50 liters of soil, use up to 1.5 liters of STONE-AGE for a robust mineral foundation.

Rejuvenating Used Soils:

To revitalize previously used soils, incorporate STONE-AGE up to 2.5% of the soil mix volume.

  • Example: For 50 liters of soil, add 1 liter of STONE-AGE to refresh the mineral content and stimulate soil microbes.

Inground Planting Holes:

For planting directly in the ground, mix STONE-AGE thoroughly into the soil at up to 2%.

  • A good measure is roughly an adult fistful of STONE-AGE per planting hole to ensure sufficient minerals.

Topdressing Plants:

Apply STONE-AGE as a topdressing around each plant's dripline, followed by watering.

  • Small plants: 1 Teaspoon per plant.
  • Medium plants: 1 Tablespoon per plant.
  • Large plants: 1 Cup per plant.

Aerated Compost Tea Applications:

Add a small amount of STONE-AGE to compost tea, brewing for approximately 24 hours.

  • Start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of STONE-AGE per tea-bag and adjust based on microbe population in the final brew.

Additional Information: The recommended dosages for STONE-AGE are based on extensive trials. Although it is hard to overapply, adhering to these guidelines ensures optimal results. STONE-AGE is a slow-release amendment, unlikely to cause burning. However, it's advisable to water thoroughly after application to integrate the product into the soil for plant uptake.