MOJO-EYES™ Perception Enhancing Glasses

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Colour and illusion: Pink - Heart Eyes <3
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Ever thought "Gee I really wish I could see things from my plants point of view"

Want to unearth the psychedelic patterns and grids all around you but prefer to do it on the "natch"?

Did you come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass......but you're all out of bubblegum? need a set of MOJO-EYES!

Complete with patented Hoffman Lenses and emblazoned with our H.P.O emblem, you can expose the world in a whole new spectrum and look mega cool while you're at it. 

  • Turn any light source into a kaleidoscopic rainbow of colours.
  • Chemical free - unable to be tested for.
  • Long lasting effects - wears off when you take them off. 

Enhance your perception and increase your inner MOJO - with MOJO-EYES 


*Don't drive under the influence of MOJO-EYES. 

*Take regular breaks to avoid tolerance build up.

*Avoid exposing squares to the effects of MOJO-EYES, these are for the experienced.

*If in doubt check with your physician on the suitability of MOJO-EYES for you.