How to use ALFA-MULCH

Pest Control:

To combat pests like Scarid fly larvae (Fungus Gnats), apply ALFA-MULCH dry to the soil surface and wait for 24 hours before watering. This duration allows the Diatomite in the mulch to coat and desiccate the pests, effectively eliminating them.

Top Dressing Coverage:

ALFA-MULCH is ideal for covering soil after applying top dressings like STONE-AGE & HERB-SUPERB. It helps in retaining moisture and enhancing soil health.

Indicator of Soil Microbe Activity:

Post application, the emergence of white growth through the mulch is a positive sign indicating active and multiplying soil microbes as they break down the organic components of ALFA-MULCH.

Application Thickness:

For optimal effectiveness, apply a layer of ALFA-MULCH measuring between 2.5cm to 5cm thick on the soil surface.

Coverage Estimates:

A liter of ALFA-MULCH can cover an area of 16cm by 16cm, while 10 liters can cover 160cm by 160cm.