GRO-TOOLS by High Powered Organics offers a suite of innovative tools for precision gardening. This range includes the SUPER-SCOOP Digital Additive Portioner for accurate measurements of plant supplements, the WAKE 'N' SHAKE Additive Combiner for efficient mixing and storing of gardening solutions, and the CROP-DUSTER Electrostatic Mist Generator for optimal foliar application. Each tool is designed to enhance gardening efficiency, ensuring precise dosage, uniform application, and effective coverage, making them essential for gardeners seeking to maximize the health and productivity of their plants.

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SUPER-SCOOP Digital Additive Portioner - High Powered Organics
WAKE 'N' SHAKE Additive Combiner - High Powered Organics
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CROP-DUSTER Electrostatic Mist Generator - High Powered Organics
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