1 scoop dose = Approx 2.5g Per 10L

2 scoop dose = Approx 5g Per 10L

This formula was designed to be utilised alongside our AQUA-MARINE grow & bloom formulas - but can be used standalone to correct nutrient deficiencies, boost plant health and quality.

OCEAN-POTION acts as a "B" portion to your soluble liquid feeds - adding complimentary growth/yield enhancement, Trace minerals, micronutrients & soil buffering.

These two products acting in tandem form a synergistic and complete, soil-safe soluble fertiliser.

  • For more frequent feeding (multiple weekly dosages) and routine top ups, we recommend using the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE. This will aid in nutrient uptake while providing a steady, and immediately absorbable trickle of nutrition. 
    For growers using smaller containers this is a game changer, allowing for much larger plants to be grown, in much smaller pots - organically!

*GRO-TIP simultaneous use with ANTI-MATTER molecular enzyme bioreactor has shown considerable additive benefits.

*GRO-TIP is able to be seamlessly stacked for even greater efficacy with RHIZO-MOJO for added solubulisation and availability.

Concurrent use with the HERB-SUPERB organic plant superfood & STONE-AGE mineral composite, especially in Lite soils or Coco blends, has demonstrated a large amount of synergy resulting in supercharged plants!

  • The MORE POWER DOSAGE can be employed for plants that are showing signs of common trace mineral deficiencies, as stand alone nutrition, and plants that need help with recovery or just need a solid kick in the A*s.
    Apply 2 to 4 times a week (as dictated by your watering cycle) until improvement is shown, then you can back down to the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE.

*GRO-TIP for stressed plants, applying simultaneously with GREEN-SUPREME plant vitality tonic will add complemetary benefits and hasten plant turnaround.*