GREEN-SUPREME is highly effective when used as a foliar spray, providing super fast results that can sometimes be visible in as little as 24hrs. It also has the ability to make life a bit harder for typically stubborn pests when utlised in this way

  • For boosting growth and general Foliar use we recommend 1 gram (approximately 1/4 flat teaspoon, or one of the included scoops) - per Litre of water. It is difficult to overapply this product, but consistent use, especially during the vegetative stage, as a minimum once per week, up to 3 times weekly, will provide powerful results.

Root drenches of GREEN-SUPREME are also highly effective, forming a synergistic relationship with products such as our ANTI-MATTER

  • For general use we recommend one to 4 of the included scoops. Per 10L water/Nutrient solution. Can be applied alongside Foliar applications of the product simultaneously.
  • Lower doses are good for general health, upper doses are better for stress relief and improved growth

GREEN-SUPREME makes a fantastic seed soak, Fulvic acid, Amino Acids and the naturally occurring enzymes from Coconut seed extract, Aloe and the Kelp/Algal extracts, all work together to improve germination rates and initial seedling vigor, even helping old seeds to germinate.

  • For seed soaking, add 1 gram per Litre water. Soak seeds for up to 24 hours before planting in a quality growing media or your preferred germination method. For added effects, apply alongside ANTI-MATTER, but reduce the rate to 1g per 500ml water along with the same amount of ANTI-MATTER.