1 scoop dose = approx 4.5g per 10L

2 scoop dose = approx 9g per 10L

  • For more frequent feeding (multiple weekly dosages) and routine top ups, we recommend using the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE. This will aid in nutrient uptake while providing a steady, and immediately absorbable trickle of nutrition. For growers using smaller containers this is a game changer, allowing for much larger plants to be grown, in much smaller pots - organically!

*GRO-TIP simultaneous use with ANTI-MATTER molecular enzyme bioreactor has shown considerable additive benefits. 

*GRO-TIP is able to be seamlessly stacked for even greater efficacy with RHIZO-MOJO for added solubulisation and availability.

Concurrent use with the HERB-SUPERB organic plant superfood STONE-AGE mineral composite, especially in Lite soils or Coco blends, has demonstrated a large amount of synergy resulting in supercharged plants!

  • The MORE POWER DOSAGE can be employed for those times where you don't want flippers - you want to strap an outboard motor to it! For plants you are really trying to "push", or those that have suffered nutrient deficiencies we recommend this dosage. Apply 2 to 4 times a week (as dictated by your watering cycle) until improvement is shown, then you can back down to the MAINTENANCE DOSAGE.

*GRO-TIP for stressed plants, applying simultaneously with GREEN-SUPREME plant vitality tonic will add complemetary benefits and hasten plant turnaround.*