Foliar Spray:

For enhanced growth and pest resistance, use GREEN-SUPREME as a foliar spray. Noticeable effects can occur rapidly, often within a day.

Mix 1 gram (about 1/4 flat teaspoon or one provided scoop) with 2 liters of water. While it's hard to use too much, regular application is key—once to three times a week during the vegetative phase yields significant results.

Root Drench:

GREEN-SUPREME is equally effective as a root drench, synergizing with products like ANTI-MATTER.

For routine application, mix 5 grams (roughly 1 heaped teaspoon or one provided scoop) with 10 liters of water or nutrient solution. Apply weekly and can be used in conjunction with foliar spraying.

Seed Soak:

For a seed soak that improves germination and vigor, use GREEN-SUPREME, which contains Fulvic acid, Amino Acids, and enzymes from natural extracts.

Add 2 grams to 500ml of water for soaking seeds up to 24 hours before planting. For enhanced benefits, mix 1 gram with the same amount of ANTI-MATTER per 500ml of water.