OCEAN-POTION is an all-organic sea-mineral elixir, crafted to provide a comprehensive nutrient boost to gardens. This powerful blend is designed to work seamlessly with AQUA-MARINE fertilizers, enhancing plant growth in various mediums such as ISLAND-BLEND and GRO-DIRT.

Features & Benefits

OCEAN-POTION acts as the "B" part of your soluble liquid feeds, supplementing growth and yield enhancement, and providing essential trace minerals, micronutrients, and soil buffering. It forms a synergistic and complete, soil-safe soluble fertilizer when used in tandem with AQUA-MARINE products.


This elixir combines algal kelp for essential minerals and a carbohydrate complex to feed soil microbes and increase nutrient bioavailability. It includes cytokines and growth factors for plant development and chitosan for improved plant defense mechanisms and heightened resin production in flowers.

Usage Guidelines

For regular feeding and routine top-ups, which aid in consistent nutrient uptake and provide a steady stream of readily absorbable nutrition, the maintenance dosage of one scoop, approximately 2.5 grams per 10 liters, is recommended. This maintenance dose is particularly beneficial for growers using smaller containers, as it allows for the cultivation of larger plants in a more confined space, organically. For more robust feeding when plants show signs of common trace mineral deficiencies or when a strong nutrient boost is needed, the more power dosage of two scoops, approximately 5 grams per 10 liters, can be applied. This can be administered two to four times a week, depending on the plant's response and the grower's watering schedule.

Customer Experience

Growers using OCEAN-POTION report it as a game-changer, especially beneficial for those using smaller pots, allowing for the growth of much larger plants organically. Its ability to work in harmony with living soils and Coco blends has been praised for supercharging plant growth.


Organic growers seeking a high-performance nutrient boost choose OCEAN-POTION for its immediate impact and compatibility with living soils. It's a natural choice for those looking to enhance growth and yields while maintaining soil health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can OCEAN-POTION be used by itself, or does it need to be paired with AQUA-MARINE? It is designed to complement AQUA-MARINE but can be used alone to address specific nutritional needs.
  • What does the 'More Power Dosage' do for my plants? It provides a concentrated boost to address deficiencies or assist in recovery, enhancing overall plant health and vigor.
  • Is OCEAN-POTION suitable for all growth mediums? Yes, it's formulated to be effective in various mediums, including soil, Coco blends, and others like ISLAND-BLEND and GRO-DIRT.
  • How often should I apply OCEAN-POTION? Apply 2 to 4 times a week, depending on your watering cycle. After improvement, you can switch to the maintenance dosage.
  • Can OCEAN-POTION improve plant immunity? Yes, with its high potency chitosan extract, it activates the plant's natural defenses, enhancing resilience and genetic potential.
  • What makes OCEAN-POTION different from other Cal-Mag products? Unlike nitrates-based products, OCEAN-POTION is formulated with organic sources that are microbe-friendly and provide a more sustainable growth boost.
  • How does OCEAN-POTION benefit my soil? It buffers soil pH and feeds soil microbes, enhancing nutrient availability and soil health.
  • What are the signs that my plants might need the 'More Power Dosage'? Look for signs of trace mineral deficiencies, such as poor growth, leaf discoloration, or a drop in flower quality.

OCEAN-POTION brings the depth of the ocean to your garden, offering a potent, organic solution for vibrant plant growth and exceptional health.