HERB-SUPERB is a specialized series of soil amendments formulated for distinct stages of plant growth. With three unique blends—SUPERGRASS, BALANCE, and MEGA YIELD—HERB-SUPERB caters to the nutritional needs of plants from seedling to harvest, ensuring optimal growth, flower development, and yield.

Formulations and Growth Stages

  • SUPERGRASS: A nitrogen and potassium-rich formula ideal for the vegetative stage, promoting strong leaf and stem growth.
  • BALANCE: A general-purpose blend suitable from late vegetative growth to mid-flowering, providing balanced nutrition for overall plant health.
  • MEGA YIELD: Phosphorus and potassium-focused, this blend boosts flower and fruit development, enhancing size, density, and resin production in the flowering stage.

    Features & Benefits

    Each HERB-SUPERB variant is tailored to the specific needs of plants at different growth stages, delivering targeted nutrition that supports soil vitality and plant health. Enriched with natural growth promoters, HERB-SUPERB enhances plant resilience and performance.


    HERB-SUPERB is composed of specific NPK ratios tailored to different growth stages, including Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). It contains humic and fulvic acids, natural growth enhancers such as enzymes and cytokinins, chitin for improved growth and pest resistance, diverse premium NPK sources, essential calcium, and trace minerals sourced from high-quality guano. All these components are carefully selected organic ingredients that work in harmony with soil biology to promote healthy plant growth.

    Usage Guidelines

    • New Soil Mixing: For a solid nutrient foundation, use HERB-SUPERB up to 3.5% by volume when creating new soil mixes, favoring the BALANCE formula for general purposes.
    • Soil Recharging: To rejuvenate spent soils, incorporate HERB-SUPERB at rates between 1% and 2.5%, selecting the BALANCE formula to restore vitality for continued use.
    • In-Ground Planting: Employ up to 2% of HERB-SUPERB when preparing planting holes, integrating it thoroughly into the soil for best results.
    • Topdressing: Apply HERB-SUPERB as a top layer to feed plants during the growth cycle, initiating with lower doses for young plants and increasing as they mature.

    Customer Experience

    Gardeners and growers who choose HERB-SUPERB for their soil amendment needs often share their success stories of lush, vibrant gardens and robust harvests. The flexibility to tailor the nutritional profile with SUPERGRASS, BALANCE, and MEGA YIELD allows for customization according to plant species, growth stages, and specific garden conditions, leading to visibly healthier plants and more bountiful yields.

    Users consistently report that the integration of HERB-SUPERB with STONE-AGE mineral composite in new soil mixes results in an enhanced soil food web, improved plant resilience, and a noticeable difference in growth and flower production. For those rejuvenating used soils, HERB-SUPERB breathes new life into tired substrates, enabling plants to flourish once again without the need for synthetic fertilizers.

    The feedback loop from the community has been invaluable, with shared experiences leading to better understanding and use of HERB-SUPERB products. Growers appreciate the organic approach to nutrition that supports not just the plants but the entire ecosystem within the soil.

    By following the tried and tested recommendations, both novice and experienced gardeners alike have found that they can achieve professional results. HERB-SUPERB's commitment to quality and sustainable practices has cultivated a loyal following of enthusiasts who trust in the brand's ability to deliver exceptional plant nutrition.


    HERB-SUPERB stands as an unparalleled series of organic superfoods, providing your plants with a full spectrum of nutrition that's as natural as it is potent. When used in concert with STONE-AGE mineral composite, these formulations support a thriving ecosystem that fuels and sustains robust plant growth.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    • What are the differences between the HERB-SUPERB formulas? Each blend is designed to support specific growth stages, with SUPERGRASS for vegetative growth, BALANCE for transitional phases, and MEGA YIELD for flowering and fruiting.
    • Can HERB-SUPERB be used in any soil type? Yes, HERB-SUPERB is versatile and can be used in a variety of soil compositions, including organic living soils and coco coir.
    • Is it possible to over-apply HERB-SUPERB? While HERB-SUPERB is formulated to be gentle on plants, adhering to the recommended application rates is advised to avoid nutrient imbalances.
    • Can I use HERB-SUPERB for compost tea? Absolutely, HERB-SUPERB can be used to brew nutrient-rich compost teas that provide a quick, bioavailable nutrient source.

    Adopt HERB-SUPERB for an organic, systematic approach to plant nutrition, and experience a garden that's healthy, vibrant, and abundant. With SUPERGRASS, BALANCE, and MEGA YIELD, you have the power to nourish your plants at every stage, ensuring they reach their full potential.