Discover GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM, a revolutionary Organic Living Soil, meticulously crafted for growers who seek maximum output with minimal input. Ideal for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse cultivation, GRO-DIRT is your full-spectrum solution for high-quality, heavy yields.

Superior Quality and Yield

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM sets a new standard in soil quality and yield. Developed for versatile use across different cultivation environments, it ensures consistent, high-quality output. Its unique composition promotes healthy plant growth, resulting in a significant increase in yield. This soil is a game-changer for growers seeking to maximize their harvest while maintaining exceptional product quality.

Versatile Application

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM's adaptability is unmatched, suitable for indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation. This versatility is a testament to its well-balanced formulation, which caters to various growing conditions and plant types. Whether you're a hobbyist with an indoor setup or a professional managing large outdoor fields, GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM provides a reliable foundation for your growing needs.

Exclusive Composition

The composition of GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is a masterful blend of ingredients, including a fluffy, free-draining base mix, H.P.O's superior HigH-PowR humic compost, premium organic amendments, I.M.O enriched bio-dynamic composts, and the finest natural minerals. This unique mix creates an ideal environment for microbial life, ensuring your plants receive complete, whole-food nutrition, just as nature intended.

Advanced Microbial Life

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is enriched with a special blend of Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae, Trichoderma, and Soil Probiotics, creating a rich microbial ecosystem. This advanced microbial life is crucial for solubilizing organic nutrients, making them readily available to plants. It also promotes overall plant health and resilience, ensuring your crops thrive from the start and throughout their lifecycle.

Complete Nutrition

This soil provides complete, whole-food nutrition for plants, mimicking the natural processes found in the most fertile earth. With GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM, your plants access all necessary nutrients in a form that's easy to absorb. This complete nutritional profile supports robust plant growth, leading to healthier, more vibrant, and productive crops.

Simple Usage

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM's ease of use is one of its most appealing features. Ready to use straight from the bag, it requires only water (rain or filtered) and no additional boosters or additives. This simplicity makes it perfect for growers who prefer a straightforward approach to plant care, allowing them to focus more on their plants and less on soil management.

Long-term Development

The development of GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is the culmination of over a decade of real-world trials across various locations. This extensive research and development process has resulted in a soil that consistently delivers exceptional results. Growers can trust in the reliability and effectiveness of GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM, knowing that it's been rigorously tested and refined over many years.

Custom Humic Compost

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM's HigH-PowR humic compost is a custom formulation, high in slow-release, carbon-rich Humic compounds. These compounds play a crucial role in chelating and making organic nutrients and minerals available to plants. Derived from ACO farm inputs and incorporating a diverse range of materials, this compost is rich, dark, and teeming with microbial life.

High-Quality Ingredients

The nutrient and mineral content of GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is carefully curated, featuring the highest quality premium organic inputs from Australia. These diverse inputs have a synergistic effect, with each ingredient building upon the last. This careful selection process ensures that every component contributes to the overall efficacy and quality of the soil.

Symbiotic Plant-Soil Relationship

GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM encourages a symbiotic relationship between plant and soil, leading to a more stable system that requires less monitoring. This organic growing method utilizes an active soil-food-web, providing plants with all the nutrition they require. This inherent stability is a significant advantage over inert-medium/bottled nutrient systems, which can be more susceptible to feed tank drift and medium instability.

Reusable Soil

One of the most sustainable features of GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is its reusability. Unlike other mediums that are discarded after a single use, GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM can be used for multiple crops with proper care and reamending. This not only makes it an eco-friendly choice but also a cost-effective solution for growers who value sustainability and long-term soil health.


GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is more than just soil; it's a comprehensive growing solution that offers unparalleled quality, yield, and ease of use. Its robust composition, enriched with organic nutrients and beneficial microbes, ensures optimal plant health and productivity. Ideal for a range of growers, from hobbyists to professionals, GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM stands out as a sustainable, effective choice in organic cultivation. Embrace this superior organic growing medium and witness the transformation in your garden. GRO-DIRT FULL SPECTRUM is not just soil—it's the foundation of your gardening success.