AQUA-MARINE is a formidable blend, an organic fertilizer that taps into marine technology's essence. Its dry powder composition, rich in Fish and Crustacean Amino Acids, Ancient Marine Deposit Extracts, and Bioenhanced Silica, provides a surge of essential nutrients. Aimed at the serious gardener, AQUA-MARINE delivers Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to boost garden vitality.

Features & Benefits

AQUA-MARINE's rapid nutrient uptake feature offers immediate plant response, thanks to its ancient marine minerals and bioavailable Phosphorus. It's suitable for a wide range of growth stages and particularly effective from early vegetative growth to full bloom.


The product formula merges enzymatically hydrolyzed Fish and Crustacean Amino Acids with milled Ancient Marine Deposits and proprietary Bioenhanced Silica, ensuring solubility and bioavailability for a powerful boost in any feeding regimen.

Usage Guidelines

AQUA-MARINE is straightforward to use with two dosage options tailored to your plants' needs. The maintenance dose, ideal for regular feeding, consists of approximately 4.5 grams (one scoop) per 10 liters of water, providing a steady and absorbable flow of nutrients. This dose is especially game-changing for growers using smaller containers, enabling the growth of large plants organically in limited spaces. For situations where an extra nutrient kick is required, or for plants exhibiting nutrient deficiencies, the more power dosage recommends approximately 9 grams (two scoops) per 10 liters of water. This higher dose can be applied two to four times weekly as required by the plant's condition and the grower's watering schedule.

Customer Experience

AQUA-MARINE has been hailed for boosting soil nutrient uptake and offering immediately available, soil-friendly N.P.K. sources. It's particularly noted for its effectiveness in smaller soil volumes or intensively fed gardens, filling in nutritional gaps and, when paired with OCEAN-POTION, creating a comprehensive nutrient system.


AQUA-MARINE fills nutritional voids and pairs exceptionally with OCEAN-POTION for a complete nutrient package. It is more than just a fertilizer; it's a full-spectrum nutritional strategy tailored to support plant needs at every growth stage, from the vigor of vegetative growth to the demands of bloom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can AQUA-MARINE be used throughout the entire plant growth cycle? Yes, it's designed for use from early vegetative stages until late bloom.
  • Is AQUA-MARINE compatible with other supplements? Absolutely, it can be seamlessly stacked with supplements like ANTI-MATTER and RHIZO-MOJO for enhanced nutrient solubilization and availability.
  • How does AQUA-MARINE impact the flavor and quality of my plants? The ancient marine minerals and biostimulants in the formula can improve flavor, quality, and branch integrity.
  • What sets AQUA-MARINE apart from other N.P.K. fertilizers? Its unique marine-derived ingredients provide immediate action and improved bioavailability, setting it apart from conventional N.P.K. fertilizers.
  • How should AQUA-MARINE be stored? Keep it in a cool, dry place, and ensure the bag is sealed tightly to prevent moisture ingress.

AQUA-MARINE, drawing from the profound depths of marine science, offers a potent solution for gardeners looking to elevate their plant care to new heights of vitality and growth.